Black Panthers Militant Group Protests at Duke University

Wow there sure is a lot of chaos and controversy over the Duke University lacrosse team rate scandal. It seems to be on every television station. Trying the case in the court of public opinion. We have a prosecutor and District Attorney with political ambitions have always and this time race is involved. The alleged rape victim is an African-American from the deep South and also a stripper part-time. The alleged culprits or all rich white kids and even the black militant protest groups are getting ready to riot.

In fact news reports say that the Black Panthers are going to have a talk with the lacrosse players as they come on campus. The black Panthers are said to be armed with weapons. It appears everyone wants to ride on the free publicity of this case including the friend of the alleged rape victim who has already been out to try to hire a public relations firm to spin her story and perhaps become the next American Idol. Apparently she too has a talent; a dancer of course as well.

It is amazing how the media can in a very short time stir up this much sound and fury. And now it seems everyone wants in all the publicity and the action. Including the Black Panthers who are hoping to make a statement for the proud black Americans and did a little publicity on the side to sign up new members. Personally, I think all you humans are making complete fools of yourself and that includes everyone from the Police Department, to the University, to the lacrosse team, to the strippers and to the prosecutor who sees himself as governor of the state someday; a lawyer. Consider this in 2006.

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