Buying or Renting Snowboard Equipment

Snowboarding has quickly become one of the most popular winter sports. If you're new to the sport, however, there are a few things to learn about the equipment. A major question beginner riders have is if they should buy or rent equipment. The quick answer is that it depends!

If snowboarding is going to be a one time trip, I would recommend renting your equipment. Despite the high cost of rental, you'll come ahead in the long run.

If you snowboard regularly (or plan to), buying your own equipment will help you perform the best and save you money in the long run. You can also pick equipment that suits your riding style and personal preferences.

Keep in mind, however, that buying boots, bindings, and a snowboard can add up to some serious money. Here are some tips to save money when buying your snowboarding setup.

1. Buy Last Year's Models. Retailers usually have a good amount of inventory remaining from the previous year you can buy at a great price. The next time you're in a snowboarding store, check out the SALE section to see what they can offer you. You never know, you might like a board that's on sale more than all the higher priced options.

2. Buy Used. Either check out a local shop that sells used sporting equipment or shop online (ebay) and see what you can buy. Although buying online you will not be able to see the board before buying, see if the seller can ask all the questions you have before forking over your hard earned cash for the snowboard equipment.

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