Discount DJ Equipment

Companies manufacture DJ equipment like turntables, decks, CD players, VCD and DVD players, equalizers, sound mixers, speakers, headphones, etc. Bulk orders of this equipment are taken over by wholesalers at prices that are barely above the manufacturing costs. This constitutes the profit margin to the manufacturer. The wholesalers outsource this equipment to retailers, who put a final price tag on the equipments. This final price tag is inclusive of the profit of the retailer and the various taxes that are applicable during sale.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the retailers may decide to lower the prices on the equipment. They may waive some of the price on equipment that has become out of fashion and has been replaced in the market by newer equipment. These items come under the category of discount DJ equipment. A part of discount DJ equipment is those which come under stock clearance sales. Before the beginning of a new marketing season, retailers often try to clear their pending stocks by selling them at discount rates.

Discount DJ equipment rates are most often a very economical buy to the customer. Prices are lower than their MRP which existed when the particular piece of equipment was new. Most of the time, discount DJ equipment is not too old; they may have been introduced in the market just a few months ago. Hence, the buyer is assured of getting quality equipment at a low rate.

The prices of discount DJ equipment go lower as more and more time elapses. Even equipment of big brands like Numark, Pioneer, Stenton, Gemini, Behringer, Ministry of Sound, Aiwa etc. are put up on discounted prices as these companies keep on modifying their products and launching newer versions. Prices may even get slashed by 50% within a year of their inauguration in the market. Due to this some DJs adopt a wait and buy policy, which helps them to avail themselves of the equipment at discounted rates.

Discounted DJ equipment provides the same benefits as new equipment. Their prices get lowered; but their warranties and guarantees remain the same. They enjoy the same after sales services and maintenance. Some DJs prefer to buy discounted equipment not just for the lower rates, but because they are able to hear reviews of previous owners of the product before buying them.

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