High School Sports - The Place to Showcase Your Company - New England is Rolling Out The Carpet

What a great way to keep High School sports FREE for the participants. I realize across this nation of ours we are in a financial crisis. Towns have been forced to bear the brunt of federal cutbacks, and mass budget restraints, its a fact. Security measures since 9/11 have been bolstered across our nation, (that goodness for that). The overall effect has been a cut-back to the education system. When the booster club and student volunteer comes a knocking please help them out with whatever you can.

As a business you can do more. Many business's are both helping schools while promoting their companies by sponsoring panels on scoreboards, scoring tables , wall padding, ball washers etc:

Naming rights is now a reality at some schools, just to keep the tradition going.

Lets face it, we love sports, it is an American tradition. We don't want to loose this part of our heritage, because local budgets can't afford to support it.


Equipment only lasts so long, and replacement and repairs are frequent. The schools have to do something too raise the funds, the taxes sure aren't doing it. The budgets all over have been shot down and the schools are getting a smaller percentage than needed. We want to keep sports FREE for the students, our at least cost-effective, should the school HAVE to charge, but as I mentioned in previous articles- there are better ways! Let's all help the schools in whatever way we can, and we will all reap the benefits later, rest assured.

I give sports equipment to schools, leagues and towns at no charge, by offering the opportunity of becoming a sponsor on the projects to local, regional and national advertisers and businesses. I work by referrals for 85% of my sponsors, and secure the equipment thru the various equipment companies. A scoreboard, for instance can come from any manufacturer the client chooses. http://www.boneymaroney.com

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