History of Lacrosse

The history of lacrosse claims to make it the first sport of America. Created by the Native American Indian and adopted by the French and other European followers then migrated north to Canada all of whom embraced and helped the sport grow. While modern day lacrosse has been most popular in the United States and throughout Europe for over a century.

Lacrosse is a sport that combines soccer with basketball and hockey. It has become so popular because itís easy to pick up, great exercise and anyone can play. It is a game of speed, quickness, coordination and teamwork. Now children and adults of all ages can enjoy playing this great sport.

The history of lacrosse literally crosses over centuries of time and is based in the Native American History. As many games that include a stick and ball or rock of some sort it is said that the game was first played to develop healthy strong workers and resolve disputes between families and villages.

Some historians believe that lacrosse or games of this nature were actually played as a precursor to combat. Much the way hockey was born the villagers would span acres of field and the battles could take days to be decided. It goes without saying these first games were rather physically brutal and have since tamed down since early times.

George Beers is often referred to as the founder of lacrosse history or at least the first to begin modifying and standardizing the game in 1867. He applied a field size as well as a limit to the number of players on the field and a number of other simple rules. A decade later NYU formed the first college team then a number of high school teams followed.

The majority of the first games in lacrosse history only included men. It wasnít until the late 1800ís and early 1900ís that womenís teams were recognized at the high school and collegiate level. The rules and equipment from that time have changed dramatically as well. The early games in lacrosse history essentially had no protective gear at all. It wasnít until the 1930ís that basic gear was starting to be implemented.

The rules have always been slightly different for men and women. Men are allowed much more contact than women and therefore are required to wear more protective gear. But evidence shows that neither male nor female lacrosse should be considered a dangerous sport. Statistics show that it is much safer than football or hockey.

Today lacrosse is considered to be one of the fastest growing sports in the US. The sports participation has more than tripled in the past 8 years. The college level participation has exploded to over 400 colleges holding lacrosse clubs throughout the country. And itís easy to see why as itís a fast paced sport full of sprinting and cutting with precision passing and teamwork to bring it all together. The sport has come along way from the days of sticks and rocksÖSo goes the history of lacrosse

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