Justice NO... Foul Play in the Duke Lacrosse Players Case

The case of the Duke Lacrosse Players has finally ended with Justice being served. But not before over zealous local members of the legal community had a field day with the emotions and well being of the Lacrosse Players, their families, the University and the public at large.

In too many cases, there is a not well thought out rush to protect the image and financial well being of a Company, Agency, or Institution. But in this case it appears to be a case of an over zealous Public Defender with political aspirations allowing his ego to run wild, and the playing of the race card. The University’s name was blemished, the players and their families names were trashed in a rush to support the false claims of a person of compromised reputation. Did the players make some bad decisions? Sure, not much good can come from bringing such entertainment into your party. But should their reputations have been thrown away in prosecuting them in this way?

The players finally won their day in court, but the experience they have lived through will stick with them the rest of their lives. And the best news is that the Public Defender will soon face his own day in court.

It is incumbent on all of us, to realize that the truth is not always obvious, and in cases of harassment and sexual harassment, we need to leave no rock unturned in our investigations. We have to be POSITIVE of the facts before we label any person a Sexual Harasser. I think we can ask no less in cases where Rape is alleged and Racial issues are prominent on the table.

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