Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse Gloves (or lax gloves) are important to the game of lacrosse because they provide the protection players need when playing lacrosse. Higher priced gloves tend to be more comfortable, flexible, and lightweight than the lower priced gloves. Lower priced gloves usually donít last as long and tend to fade faster. Some gloves have better ventilation systems than others to prevent the lacrosse stick from turning into a bar of soap. Either way, purchasing the right lacrosse glove is important because you will either fall in love with it or not.

When it comes to flexibility, there is nothing a player distastes more than a glove that doesnít give him the dexterity and handling his hand needs. This used to be very irritating for players in the 70ís when gloves were molded and didnít incorporate the technologies they do today. Lacrosse gloves have been revolutionized multiple times over the past 30 years with advances in material and design.

When deciding to purchase a glove, there are three popular brands you should consider: STX, Brine, and Warrior. There are however some other brands that are creeping onto the lacrosse scene such as Shock Doctor, deBeer, Shamrock, Harrow, Gait, and Ridell. These manufacturers construct the lacrosse gloves with certain qualifications in mind: strong padding for the fingers, hand, and wrist. The strong padding is meant for protection from stick checks and physical contact. The palm of the glove is made of leather or a substrate for comfort and handling the lacrosse stick. Other gloves are made from spandex, foam, or carbon fiber. Most of the time, manufacturers will incorporate some new material that they brand to add pizzazz to their gloves. Some of the best lacrosse gloves are made by STX and Brine. Notably Brine Supercross lacrosse gloves have seen a rise in popularity over the year and many players are hooked.

There are efficient tools for determining your glove size so that the glove caters to the ergonomics of your hand. Since there isnít a standard for glove sizes, the sizes usually come in small, medium, and large. But the manufacturers strive to have gloves sized for players of all ages. The sizes range from 9 inches all the way to 16 inches. Remember when purchasing a glove to think about the size of your elbow pads because if the elbow pads are too big and the gloves are too big, playing lacrosse can be cumbersome. Also keep in mind that manufacturers construct the gloves a little large in order that the padding covers all areas of the hand and wrist.

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