Lacrosse Practice Drills

When it comes to lacrosse, the stick should become an extension of the playerís body in order to excel at the necessary techniques employed throughout the game such as cradling and passing. The following lacrosse practice drills will help your players learn the proper stick handling and footwork techniques that are necessary in order to become excellent lacrosse players.

The Stick Handling Wall Drill

First, we have a number of lacrosse practice drills for stick handling skills including the wrist snapping motion used to pass or shoot the ball. To practice the wrist snap, have players stand against a wall approximately 5 yards away from it. At the beginning of the season, players should do 30 reps of each skills with each hand, working their way up to 50 reps by the end of the season.

To begin, players catch and cradle with one hand. The remaining skills are each performed with both hands. First, the catch and cradle, followed by quick stick, then the split stick handling drill, which involves catching the ball right handed, switching hands to throw lefty or vice versa. Afterwards, players catch, fake dodge and throw followed by a catch, fake and throw.

By following this simple stick handling drill format at each practice, players will develop arm and wrist strength as well as the necessary muscle memory for executing these skills. The goal should be to execute 30 reps of each of the 6 skills in under 20 minutes. Once players have mastered the first 6 skills, the following 3 two-handed skills can be added: cross handed, behind the back, and running along the wall throwing and catching the ball as players run.

When performing these stick handling drills, correct form must always be employed. This means no letting the stick hang down or slinging the ball instead of snapping it. If these or any drills are performed sloppily, they might as well not be performed at all.

Donít Forget about the Feet

While stick handling takes up most of a teamís lacrosse practice drills regimen, most teams neglect their footwork. Footwork is an integral part of lacrosse, so try these drills to keep your team working quick on their feet. First, have each player drop a stick on the ground in front of them horizontally. Players are to step over the stick with their right foot, then their left foot. Next, players step backwards with the left foot first then the right foot. Make sure players keep their knees high as they run in place back and forth over the stick.

Next, with their sticks in the same horizontal position, have players squat down, slide towards the side of the stick and step forward over it. Next, players slide to the opposite side of the stick and step behind it. While sliding back and forth across the stick, players will be working their quads and working on their ever-important balance skills.

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