Lacrosse Teams in Proverbial Hot Water

Early this year, lacrosse players of a known amateur team found themselves in an altogether different ballgame. Duke University lacrosse team faced a controversial legal case reeking strongly of racism and sexual misdemeanor. Two black women dancers, hired by the players in one of their night-outs, apparently accused three unidentified team members of rape and racial discrimination. The team is composed of 47 players, all whites except for one black. According to Fox News, Duke University officials decided to prohibit the league from participating in the season's remaining games until the case is finally settled. Since the victims said the offenders are all whites, DNA tests have been conducted to the 46 white players. The case is all the more controversial because the victims involved are black.

Media love to hype up cases with traces of color discrimination and sexism as much as possible. Somehow, the case wouldn't have been as celebrated as it is if ever the victims are whites. Racial discrimination is still a complicated issue. Whether the Duke lacrosse players are guilty or not, the damage has already been done. The incident already caused players and the team itself with scars in the form of a detestable reputation. A month before the incident, another sport team was in hot water for tolerating hazing activities. Hartwick College administrators suspended the team after the police received a complaint from a student who leaked information regarding excessive physical abuse as part of the initiation. Since Hartwick has policies against hazing, the team has to face more serious sanctions aside from the one-season suspension.

Indeed, some lacrosse players also face charges and cases like other athletes do. This can really hurt the amateur players' chances of being drafted in national lacrosse teams in the country. Needless to say, an athlete's character is a significant but underrated factor. There are many great players who ended their careers in sport because of involvement in these kinds of hyped-up cases. Even if their innocence is proved in the end, somehow they didn't regain their lost glories. Aspiring athletes should keep in mind that it's not all about game play and point statistics. They also have to keep their reputations untarnished as much as possible. A player can be as promising as possible but once he gets himself in a sticky situation, it's hard to rise again. This holds true for athletes in every imaginable sport.

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