Stay Safe with Snowboarding Protective Gear

Snowboarding is by far one of the best sports. The only down side to it is that falling does and will always happen. Getting injured and not being able to continue riding is the worst. Fortunately, there is snowboarding protective gear.

A beginner will be doing a bit more falling than other more experienced riders, but with less chances of a major injury. The most common snowboard injuries for a beginner are wrist and butt injuries. It's recommended to wear wrist guards. They can be bought separately from you gloves or you can buy gloves with wrist guards built in. Butt pads are also recommended. The newer generation of butt pads are actually very comfortable. You can get lighter protection butt pads, like wearing boxer shorts, or heavy duty protection pads, either way your coccyx will be a lot safer.

For intermediate or advanced riders who are really pushing their limits as riders, wiping out is definitely going to happen, maybe not as often as a beginner but at higher speeds which increases the chances for a more serious injury. The snowboarding protective gear recommended would be full pads. These pads are also very comfortable and flexible. They make you feel a lot safer which gives you an added sense of confidence.

No matter what level of riding you are at or what type of riding you are doing it is always recommended to wear a helmet. Other than a helmet though all the above protective gear is optional. If you feel like you might get injured or you are prone to injuries then wear the pads, but if you feel like your bones are strong and you usually don't get hurt from falling then don't wear the pads. But it would be nice to own some pads for when you do injure yourself but it's not serious enough to keep you from riding, you can then wear your pads so that if you do fall while riding you will not make a mild injury and turn it into a major one.

Always ride within your own limits. Don't go crazy and start taking runs that your not ready for. Protective gear can greatly reduce your chances of getting hurt, but it's not like a guarantee that you will not get hurt. You need to use your common sense when riding, if it doesn't feel right than don't do it. Always ride with friends also, this way if you do get injured they can always alert ski patrol for you. Good luck, Have fun and Be Safe!

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