Tennis Equipment

The popularity of tennis has led to its increasing commercialization and in turn has led to the flooding of the market with the supporting tools and equipments. To support the ever-growing interest in the sport, several companies manufacture the equipment needed. Tennis equipment comprises of racquets, balls, court posts and nets, rebounding walls and court flooring. These can be purchased online or at retail stores. The online stores are usually a popular choice as they offer the lowest rates in the market.

Tennis racquets are strung with either animal gut or synthetic strings. Tennis balls are made of fibers and characterized by their durability and consistency. The color of the balls is either bright yellow or green, so that they can be easily seen from a distance. Some balls retain pressure for a longer time and have a greater bounce because they are filled with nitrogen. Still others are marked by absence of pressure and are meant primarily for playing at high altitudes.

Posts come in varied shapes and with different nomenclatures such as Wimbledon square posts, classic round posts and external ratchet posts. Similarly, tennis nets have a standard height of 3 feet at the outer posts and 3 feet at the center of the net.

The rebounding walls come in different dimensions of 10x10 or 10x20. Rebounding walls are for tennis practice sessions as they help in returning balls back to player like walls, albeit at a slower pace.

Tennis equipment can also include court flooring, which can be of clay, grass, concrete, asphalt or even artificial grass. The surface type influences the style of playing the game.

Tennis equipments are sold at varied prices depending on the quality and material used. These equipments can be customized by placing a personalized order with the manufacturer, specifying the materials and features to be incorporated. The right type and quality should be chosen when purchasing tennis equipment. These articles are usually quite expensive, and hence should be carefully evaluated before making the purchase.

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