Used Hockey Equipment

Hockey equipment—even the stuff that’s been battered around for a couple of seasons—still has resale value and may be sold through sporting goods stores or online.

Regular hockey players change their gear nearly every year to keep up-to-date with changing trends and modifications and they sell their old equipment to players looking for a bargain. Online stores buy used gear from seasoned players at low rates and then, with a little repair and touch up, are able to sell the equipment for a profit.

Sticks, goal nets, helmets, shoes, shafts and skates are easy to sell, however, custom pieces, such as chest protectors, leg pads and gloves are not made in universal sizes, and may be a tougher sale. To make these and other used pieces more attractive to customers, stores will generally treat the equipment for odor and bacteria before sale. Make sure whatever body gear you get is treated this way, since other people's germs are not something you would want being absorbed into your skin!

Because used hockey equipment is cheaper than the equipment sold in discount stores, a player can buy an entire set of equipment for as little as $300. Goalie gear will inevitably be more expensive, as goalies require much more body protection than the other players, since pucks rocket towards them often at speeds of over a hundred miles an hour.

When purchasing used equipment, it is wise to examine the goods for safety and functionality. Check the padding for tears and examine the skate blades for sharpness, since these generally wear out after a few uses. Players don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy their favorite sport.

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