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Reasons to Start a New Club

Reason Number One: You Miss Your Old Club

If you arrive at the club fair at your new college and are shocked that the kind of club you loved in high school does not exist, consider starting one on your own. Chances are that there are a number of people on campus who already feel the same way that you do because the college doesn't have an improv troupe / origami club / model building society. And even if that's not the case, when you advertise for your new club, you will probably spark interest among people who just hadn't considered how much fun your club would be.

Reason Number Two: You Have A Different Vision For A Version Of An Existing Club

Maybe there is an improv troupe on campus, but you went to a couple of meetings, and you just like your way better. Or, maybe you've submitted to the school magazine or newspaper a number of times and keep getting rejected. Many new publications spring up on campuses for just this reason. You're completely within your rights to start a new organization, even if it's quite similar to existing ones, but you might want to make sure there's really not a place for you in the original group. Starting your own club is exciting and rewarding, but also a much bigger time commitment than joining a group that's already up and running.

Reason Number Three: You Will Be Able To Say You Founded A New Club

Being able to say you started your own club is really not a good enough reason on its own. However, if your other reasons are legitimate, founding a club that's successful will be an impressive addition to your resume. It will be a signal to others, especially prospective employers, that you are a person with initiative, drive, and leadership ability.

Reason Number Four: Initiative, Drive, and Leadership Ability

If you don't already possess these qualities, by the time you've conceptualized your new organization, advertised for new members, and inspired those new members to keep coming to your meetings, you will have become a master of all three. Starting a new club can be a serious time commitment, but if you love your club's mission and can get people behind it, there will be no better feeling in the world.

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