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Americas New Ten Most Wanted

Just about everybody turned into the selection show last night on CBS to see if their team made it in. As usual there were many players, coaches and fans who feel "cheated" that they are not in the NCAA Tourney. In my opinion there are 5-6 teams that should have been in the Big Dance but the Selection Committee saw otherwise. You may be asking yourself "I've heard of this selection committee, but don't even know who they are." This committee is made up of ten members of a mixture of commissioners and athletic directors. Five of this years members were members of last years committee. These committee members are the ones that "cheated" you.

Craig K. Littlepage, AD, University of Virginia
2005-2006 Chairman of the Selection Committee
College Basketball Experience: Assistant Coach at Virginia two different times, 1976-1982 and from '88-90. In between those two jobs, he held a Head Coaching spot at Penn '82-85 and Rutgers '85-88.

Robert Vowels, Commissioner, Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC)
College Basketball Experience: nothing notable.

Thomas O'Connor, AD, George Mason University
College Basketball Experience: Head Coach at Dartmouth College '72-74 and then for Loyola '74-76.

Christopher Hill, AD, University of Utah College Basketball Experience: Played hoops at Rutgers and lettered for 3 years '69-72.

Karl D. Benson, Commissioner, Western Athletic Conference
College Basketball Experience: none notable.

Michael L. Slive, Commissioner, Southeastern Conference
College Basketball Experience: none notable.

Jon Le Crone, Commissioner, Horizon League
College Basketball Experience: Played hoops at Wake Forest.

Daniel Guerrero, AD, UCLA
College Basketball Experience: none notable. (baseball player)

Gerald L. Myers, AD, Texas Tech University
College Basketball Experience: All Conference Player at Texas Tech, Head Coach at Texas Tech '70-91.

Gary D. Walters, AD, Princeton University
2006-2007 Chairman
College Basketball Experience: 3 time letter winner at Princeton Head Coach at Middlebury College '70-73, Head Coach in '73 at Dartmouth College .

For a committee who has such a large responsibility, there seems to be a lack of basketball experience on the entire selection crew. For those fans of the teams that were left out, my condolences and there is your Ten Most Wanted. There will be a couple members left over on next years committee and Gary Walters is the Chairman for next season. Enjoy the tournament and good luck on your brackets!

I appreciate any comments/questions via email.

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