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What Gift to Buy for the Graduating High School Senior?

We have a fresh crop of youngsters graduating from high school within our circle of friends. Happy days indeed!

We love to attend these graduation ceremonies and become a part of the happiest days of the ones we love and respect.

However, just like every source of light also has its own shadow, this happy occasion also raises a small but constant issue that needs to be resolved satisfactorily: what to buy as a gift for the graduating senior?

The safe way out of course is to buy a Gift Card from a well-known store a bookstore, a department store, a sports-equipment retailer... That's always most welcomed.

But if you know the lucky graduate in person you might want to customize your gift accordingly. Was she the captain of her Lacrosse team? Why not then buy her a nice Lacrosse stick?

If you know she is interested in fine arts, why don't you register her for a month-long painting class at your local museum or arts center?

Is he a movie fan? What about the newly released collectors' editions of Gone with the Wind and The Godfather series, wrapped up as a movie-lover's delight bundle?

Other suggestions that come to mind:

A Caribbean trip on a cruiser.

Software (video games, hair styling software, grant application software, an Adobe Web Design bundle).

Tickets for a concert, baseball, football or basketball game.

All expenses paid admission to a conference, trade show, workshop or seminar.

A summer internship opportunity.

And the last but not the least a DVD of his or her graduation ceremony.


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