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Buying Mosquito Nets - What You Should Know

Mosquito nets are useful in the prevention of malaria and other diseases carried by insect bites. Mosquito nets can be used in the house, in the garden, during a jungle safari and anywhere else where you might find mosquitoes, insects and creepy crawlies.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding to buy a mosquito net.

Size and Shape: You can find mosquito nets of varying sizes and shapes. There are small mosquito nets to cover a baby car seat and then there are large mosquito nets to cover an entire outdoor gazebo. You should select the appropriate size and shape for the purpose required. If you are looking for bed net to ward of mosquitoes while you sleep then a six foot dimension mosquito net is good for king size bed. You also have to choose the shape of the mosquito net - a ceiling hanging net or a net attached to the four poles of a bed post. The shape and size need to be considered carefully for effective use. Standard mosquito nets has holes of 1.2mm x 1.2mm and that is the best option.

Color: Machine made polyester mosquito nets comes in several colors with white being the most common. You might want to select the appropriate color to blend in with your home for aesthetic reasons.

Treatment: Most nets sold nowadays are pre-treated with insecticides for better protection. This is a good thing. You can also find untreated nets but you are better off having a pre-treated mosquito net for better protection.

Composition: You have 2 choices - cotton or polyester netting. Cotton nets are heavier when wet, gets dirty faster and are not as long lasting as the polyester netting.

Now that you understand the different options and varieties between mosquito nets, it should be easy to find the right net to suit your needs and protect your family from disease carrying insects.

Suthep Sachasiri operates the Better Mosquito Nets store where you can find quality mosquito nets for the home and travel at low prices. A percentage of every sale is donated to charities to help fight malaria in Asia and Africa.