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The Asheville WNC Home Builder

In a place like Asheville North Carolina, home builders are in a very competitive market. Clients are scarce and sales are down. Buncombe County spec house contractors are sitting on several completed homes waiting for a buyer. Home building is slowing down. Tourism is not steady and people can't really afford to go on a vacation when the market is like this. On this gorgeous day in February, the real estate market in Western North Carolina is in a little bit of a struggle.

Today many local businesses are struggling to stay afloat, but something has got to give. Many Asheville Home Builders and many other companies have master planned their businesses around the market steadily growing. Spring is coming soon and hopefully some buyers will start springing in. We cannot fix the economy, but the Government can... and I believe they will.

Asheville NC is doing much better than many other major places in the United States. It is one of the most popular places to live, retire, and relocate. Asheville is kind of immune to many natural disasters. Western North Carolina has lots of mountains so there is a natural protection barrier from most flooding and tornadoes. We get major snow once every 5 years if that much. The heat is not terrible in the summer like Florida and the cold weather is not near as bad as Upstate New York. Hurricanes mostly miss us and hit the Coast of North Carolina. I feel great about calling Asheville my home.

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