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High Level Corporate Sales Careers - Why Not?

Everyone wants to make a lot of money and help people. Many also do not want to be stuck inside the same office environment every working day. A sales career will be one of the best occupations to achieve all this. So it sometimes amazes me on the high number of people, especially recent university or college graduates, who never think about pursuing sales careers.

Now, Iím not talking about your average shopping mall sales clerk job or door to door brush salesperson here. Iím referring to much higher level corporate sales positions that require extensive training and specific personal attributes. Many such corporate sales careers will involve mid to large sized companies that deal with business to business selling, i.e., sales to other companies rather than individual consumers.

Pretty well all high ticket value items such as specialized machinery or equipment, business services or supplies and any products that require a long term selling process are corporate sales. This includes business done on an international basis as well. Rather than casual dress as seen with most typical retail sales staff, corporate sales usually require business attire and proper business communications. This is a level of sales job that your average teen or student will not be qualified for. In fact, many types of corporate selling positions such as those in pharmaceutical sales actually require university or college degrees as prerequisites.

Some selling to retailers would also be considered corporate sales. There are high level sales in some select environments involving the individual consumer market such as with high end fashion and specialized services like insurance or real estate. People who work in high level sales whether business to business or business to consumer, have the capacity to act as consultants rather than just salespersons. They are trained to counsel their customers and clients to help solve certain problems. The selling part is providing appropriate solutions to customer problems.

As a result, the income levels for successful high level corporate salespersons are usually quite high with potentials to six figures or even more so these are definitely not your average door to door hustlers. Itís these types of jobs that make the sales field respectable. Most high end selling also involve expense accounts to some degree since building of customer relationships is all part of the job function. Almost all corporate selling are backed up with impressive and costly marketing programs designed by the companies.

So if you have excellent communications and people skills plus the desire to make lots of money, a high level corporate sales career just might be for you. And why not?

Clint Cora is the author of the book "How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales - Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager". He is a former pharmaceutical sales manager and executive. More information about pharmaceutical sales jobs can be found at