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Rain Gear Not Just Umbrellas Anymore!

Remember not too long ago when getting your rain gear meant an umbrella and probably some rubber boots? Well, not any more! Now there are so many kinds of rain gear ut there that it's hard to know which to choose from when you head to the closet to go out in the rain. Here are just a few examples of the many new types of rain gear available these days:

Hunting rain gear in every type of camouflage available on the market today, the avid hunter or outdoors person can find rain gear from pants and jackets to ponchos in their favorite camo pattern and style.

For hunting, hiking, fishing, or just heading out to work in the yard, this kind of rain gear can also come in a wide variety of thicknesses and have many other added perks for those who might use it in heavily wooded areas or under harsher conditions than normal people.

Kid rain gear for kids ages 0 100, you can find rain gear with your favorite cartoon character, logos, colors, flowers, sports, pretty much anything! So, no matter if your little princess needs some pink princess rain gear or your little space invader needs some rainy alien fighting rain gear, you can find it out there today! Most come with hats and matching boots as well, so you're little angel will stay nice and dry, no matter how wet it is.

Adult rain gear while the adult version of the rain gear isn't quite a fun as the kid's version, it is still just as useful. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and you can find styles from ponchos to pants and jackets too, it all depends on your preference and how you are going to use it.

Law Enforcement and Military rain gear each of these branches has their own specialized set of rain gear for their officers and soldiers. Usually consisting of pants and jackets, this is some of the best rain gear that you can get if you will be working outside in the rain for long periods of time. While the color choices aren't always that great, you can find these for yourself at local military outlet stores or law enforcement shops. So, if you work in the rain a lot, you might consider this option to help keep you dry!

Old trusty, the umbrella of course, don't forget old trusty, your umbrella. These tried and true rain gear reliables are always great to keep in the car, office, or just by the door in case you need one to get to where you're going. So, no matter what other kind of rain gear you have, you should always keep an umbrella somewhere close by.

Basically, there are so many different types and colors of rain gear out there that it is almost impossible to name them all. Just remember that there is always something out there to fit your style, size, and needs, so don't get discouraged if one shop doesn't have just what you are looking for. Keep searching, you'll find that perfect rain gear for you and the entire family.

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