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What Should You Pack In Your Paintball Gear Bag?

It takes a lot more than just a paintball gun to play on a paintball field in teams. There are many accessories and gear that you will need to be successful in playing paintball. While a gear bag may seem like an after thought, it is an essential part of your arsenal of equipment. Do not be caught unprepared. Your paintball gear bag should hold all of the gear and accessories that you need to play like a pro.

The paintball gun is, of course, the most basic and essential thing that you will put in your paintball gear bag. After all, you cannot play paintball if you do not have anything to shoot! There are also some accessories that you will want to have for your paintball gun itself.

One thing that should be included in your paintball gear bag is a squeegee for cleaning the barrel of your paintball gun. This will help keep your shots accurate. You will also want to carry good quality paintballs that are aerodynamic, and correspond to the bore size of the barrel of your paintball gun. A good sight or scope can also come in handy.

You will also need a good paintball mask in your paintball gear bag. The best paintball mask is one that will not fog, has large lenses, and is comfortable. If your paintball mask is not comfortable you will find yourself taking it off often, which leaves you unprotected and in danger of being hurt. If your paintball mask fogs or has lenses that block your peripheral vision you will have a hard time taking accurate shots.

Another thing that you will need to carry is some camouflage clothing. This is not a necessity unless you are playing as a sniper on the field. However, the camouflage clothing can really help you stay in the game a lot longer than if you are wearing bright “come and get me” colors.

A radio is a handy accessory that you can also keep with you. Teams can work more effectively together when in constant communication without the need to shout so that the enemy can hear you. You should also keep plenty of water and snacks in your paintball gear bag. Some games last several hours, and you do not want to become weakened or overheated because you did not think or plan ahead. By keeping things handy in one place, your games will be a lot more fun.

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