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The Baroni - Shamrock Saga Is About To Come To A Head

Despite what the record books will eventually show, the real Shamrock vs. Baroni fight started years ago. The showdown to their fight on Friday, June 22 is the continuation of an on going verbal, and sometimes visual, battle between the two.

While Baroni calls Shamrock a “scumbag”, “hypocrite” and a “fraud”, he refers to himself as the “real deal”. Phil Baroni recently commented:

“When he was armchair quarterbacking, when I was fighting the best fighters around the world, and he was sitting at home, ridiculing and talking about everybody, the guy had a lot to say. I never thought he would back it up, and I still will not believe it until we get to the ring and they lock the cage door. I thought that he was looking for a way out of this fight…I issued a challenge. Everybody wants to fight that punk. It is not just me. He, being the so-called legend, got to pick his opponent, and he picked the wrong cat. He is getting knocked out”

The former part of this statement refers to the criticism Frank Shamrock dished out about active fighters while he was on a hiatus from competition. Shamrock also appeared in some videos that have appeared online in which Phil Baroni is the butt of the joke. The latter part of the statement refers to the on again, off again history of potential fights between the two.

Shamrock attributes these comments, as well as those in the past, to fight promotion. Frank Shamrock, who was the first UFC Middleweight Champion and retired undefeated after 5 title defenses, will meet with Phil Baroni on Showtime as the headline event of the upcoming StrikeForce/Elite XC card on June 22.

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