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World of Warcraft Warrior Guide

In World of Warcraft, Warriors are the quintessential melee-centered class that is employed by both the Alliance and Horde factions. Their brute strength along with their heavy plate armor, and versatility on the battlefield help to make the Warrior the ultimate master of tactics and weaponry. The Warrior is a dependable class that can take a large amount of damage during a fight. They are the tanks of World of Warcraft. These things along with having a wide range of options from which to choose all add up to make the Warrior class one awesome fighting machine.

The Warrior class is very versatile and there are various stances to meet any given situation imaginable. This applies to soloing as well as fighting within a group. Warriors are very dependant upon gear but this also means that they can utilize a wide assortment of useful items. They also have the advantage a myriad of combat abilities that have an extremely wide range of effects. These include ordinary direct damage, damage over time, and stuns.

While other classes have a mana bar, the Warrior class has what is called a rage bar. It starts out empty but fills as attacks are executed. After each battle the rage bar slowly empties over time so it is good to keep a cycle of getting back into battle quickly in order to keep the rage bar at full. Just as the mana bar fuels spells for other classes, the rage bar is the power source for the Warrior’s abilities. One thing to keep in mind is that when you switch between different stances, your rage bar is reset and you have to fill it up all over again. You will want to avoid doing this in the middle of a battle.

One good way of taking advantage of the rage bar is to attack the various animal life like rabbits and deer that are found throughout the game. Because they have extremely low health these smaller targets can usually be killed in about one or two hits. By killing just one of them you can fill your rage bar halfway up. This makes it possible to fill your rage bar completely with as little as two hits. This is an easy way to quickly fill your rage bar. If you tactically position yourself to kill these smaller creatures near mobs of larger monsters then you will have the advantage of attacking the mobs with your rage meter already full.

This brief introduction has barely scratched the surface of the many advantages the Warrior class has in World of Warcraft. There are many guides and resources available online that contain much more information regarding this powerful class.

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