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Interactive Trends - Custom Content Management (CCM)

In the beginning of the internet everyone was impressed that your business even had a website. Now if you don't people look at you rather funny. One of the biggest challenges with running an effective site is the constant expiration of content. Of course your some content won't change but much of it needs to because its shelf life falls somewhere in between trendy fashion and daily newspapers. If you're having to send updates to a web developer and wait for him to post it you are already behind the curve.

The big solution to this problem is a Content Management System, or CMS. The two most common CMS's are Joomla and Mambo. They are boxed software packages that work by dictating the structure of your site. This gives users the ability to make changes by defining that the pages will be laid out in a specific way and that everything will be built just so. The problem with this is that it basically squashes graphic design and many times usability.

The way to overcome this problem is by using a CCM, a Custom Content Management. CCM technology can adapt to any page layout or design. CCM is a true content management platform. This means that you can do far more than change text and graphics. True content management means you can add and delete pages, reorganize the navigation and make changes to site optimization elements such as the titles, tags and descriptions. A CCM can adapt to your unique needs. Perhaps you want fresh graphics to rotate though on your site so that the look of your page stays current and appealing, CCM can do that.

CCM also gives businesses complete administration control. CCM allows for numerous user classes all with unique privileges and restrictions. The administration can even remove buttons entirely from view as opposed to simply graying them out so users don't know what they are missing.

So what does CCM mean for your business? CCM lets the marketing department immediately implement correlated campaigns with new pages and interlinking. It allows HR to instantly post job positions with SEO. It lets sales make immediate product updates. In short, every department gets empowered to do the things they should've always been able to do while keeping the formats consistent and the site secure.

Prepackaged, cookie cutter solutions simply aren't effective as every business has unique challenges and needs. Custom CMS or CCM is a tool that perfectly meets that demand by giving a set of tools that is tailored uniquely to the situation. So how is your website performing and how are your employees interacting with it? If the answer is unclear think about this: you'll know a project is a success when you stop working on a project and it starts working for you.

Erin Anjolie Green is a marketing specialist at Plonka Interactive. She works with clients to understand their needs and develops solutions to overcome their challenges. Plonka is known for Marketing, Creative and Technology with a focus on software development and custom web applications.