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Is it Wise to Invest in Used Camping Gear?

If you are planning your first camping trip but your budget is limited, you might consider turning to used camping gear. Used camping gear can save you a lot of money, and if this is your first camping trip, buying used camping gear is probably the best thing to do because in the end if you donít really like it, you wonít have spent a lot of money for the equipment. You just need to make sure you buy the right gears, to do that you need to weigh the pros and the cons first.

What are the Pros and Cons of Used Camping Gear


Obviously the main advantage of buying used camping gear is the price. Very often you will pay a lot less for used camping gears and still be able to have high quality camping gear. You see a lot of people buy brand new camping gear used it only a couple of time and they sell it. Usually this will happen when people buy some camping gears and after only a couple of camping excursion they decide that camping is not for them. So this is actually very good for you because you end up with almost brand new camping gear for a very low price.

Is it always a good idea to buy used camping gear?

To that question I would say no. There are some situations where used camping gear can be a very good buy. If your kids are in the boy scouts and go one their first camping trip or if you are new to camping and are not sure if you are gonna like it, you better buy used camping gear than spending hundred of dollars on brand new equipment. In the end this will save you a lot of money and if you decide you really like it you can eventually buy the gear you need at a camping gear store.


One of the most common problem people encounter when buying used camping gear is that like with all goods, there is quality stuff and poor quality stuff. Sometimes people will sell their used camping gear because itís just not good enough. If you donít want to spend hundreds of dollars on new camping gears but donít want to buy bad quality camping gear you can do some research on the net before buying the used camping gear to make sure itís not poor quality.

Another disadvantage in buying used camping gear is that you will be limited in the choice of style and colors. This is not very important because the important factor to consider is that your camping equipment must first be functional, only then can you consider the look. In the end if you take great care in what you purchase, your used camping gear can become a great investment and save you a bundle of money while you are preparing your camping trip.

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